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May 17 2016


JJP1505 White Ink EP (Vinyl Outer) V2.indd

White Ink, the new 5-track EP from John J Presley is available now from all major digital retailers. Ltd Edition 10″ will be available on August 21st, with preorders available soon.


Opting to record White Ink completely live and true, Presley has crafted his most unprecedented work to date. With tube amps cooking hot and inspiration flowing fast, John explains White Ink was captured in a single 8-hour run at Toe Rag Studios with Liam Watson (The White Stripes, The Kills, Tame Impala) whilst on a rare break from tour.

“Recording at that hallowed space in London gives you a limited spectrum as you don’t have a thousand plugins to play with or hours to kill. It’s very performance based and the truest sound I’ve ever heard of myself.”

Lyrically, White Ink looks at that certain type of enduring love that survives whatever life throws at you. With tracks like ‘Come To Me’ contemplating the toils of the road as incredible European scenery passes you by in an instant, where ‘Come Calling’ see’s Presley malcontent and striving for more, personally, musically and artistically, before the low warbles of ‘Sweet Superstition’ come to terms with loss, death and missing friends.

Citing Son House’s Mississippi Delta blues and Mogwai’s dissonant tunings and drones as influences in equal measure, Presley’s no-frills approach to the blues is rooted in his distinguished record collection and penchant for vintage guitars, approaching the White Ink session heavily armed with a Tele, Hofner and Gibson all frying through his trusted Wem Dominator amp.

Heyrocco’s debut record is out in the UK and Europe on Vital Music.

Check it out using one of the links below:

“Teenage Movie Soundtrack is the perfect riposte to all the navel-gazing sad boy stuff the others specialize in. Dive in and get stoked on it. ” ROCKSOUND (8/10)

“Primordial grunge meets bubblegum pop. Set in high school, with its corrosive mixture of The Cure and Mudhoney conjuring up all manner of adolescent fury” CLASH

“It is a devastatingly exhilarating record that will bring about nostalgia for those that enjoyed ‘90s grunge and pop punk first time round, as well as being a gateway for new listeners to this classic American guitar sound. Infectious hooks and thrashing guitars make Teenage Movie Soundtrack an album full of unapologetic joy.” CULTURE FLY

“Perfect songs that soundtrack your summer of late nights, romance and hedonism.” GIGWISE

“The ten track encounter is a diverse and magnetic party for ears which weaves the teen angst sounds and emotions of the nineties, the guitar jangle of early Cure, and the dirtier tones of grunge into something unique from the imagination of the band.” RINGMASTER REVIEWS

“With anecdotes from youth, Teenage Movie Soundtrack does exactly what it says on the tin. Heyrocco create the perfect emo soundscape for the scuzzy and slovenly adolescent, or those who simply wish to douse their ears in a slice of the angst of the teenager” GIGSLUTZ

“Cue the light wash denim jeans and tattoo chokers because Heyrocco’s new single launches us right into 90’s teenage movie nostalgia. Like these Southern sweethearts, we admittedly might not have been the coolest kids in high school—but at least we can pretend like we were while listening to some 90’s inspired rock and roll.” NYLON